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Bro Peter De Campi’s Raised to the 3rd degree

Congratulations to Bro Peter De Campi’s being Raised to the 3rd degree on 4th December 2019 at Aurea Norma lodge

Three Brothers Advanced to Mark Masters

Our three brothers – Bro Jack, Bro Alexander and Bro Gilbert were advanced today as Mark Masters, at

The Passing of Bro Michele

Brother Michele Ianiri was passed to the2nd degree on Friday the 27th September at Aquila Lodge (No. 5189)

Brother Piermichele “Passed”

Fellow Craft for Bro Piermichele Brother Piermichele Giovanni Guerrieri was “passed” at a cermony held at the Lodge of Reunion


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Benjamin Franklin

Virtues of the Craft

Benjamin Franklin explains what it is to be a Freemason


Tercentenary Video

You can watch the Tercentenary (1717 to 2017) video here on YouTube.

Other News

Masonic Tours of Berlin

Bro: Linus is a member of out twinned Lodge in Berlin. (Frederick zum Bruderkette– No. 616) He now conducts masonic


Ending of the Suspension of Masonic Activity In March, the Most Worshipful Grand Master suspended Masonic activity in England and

Our Visit to Calabra 2019

A number of bothers from Certes Lodges and Semper Amicus Lodge, travelled to Southern Italy and visited some of our twinned lodges – Bereshiit and San Graal. 

As you can see it’s not all hard work.

Other Lodges

Twinned Lodges

Twinned Lodges are lodges that maintain close links with one and other. Members from these lodges are always welcome at our meetings and we regularly arrange to travel to take part in there meetings.

Below you can see the Lodges that we’re currently linked with.

Daughter Lodge
Semper Amicus 8237

We have a close link with this our daughter Lodge. the lodge was founded by members of Certes Lodge in 1968. And meets, as we do, at Freemasons Hall. We regularly visit each other lodges and take part in each other Lodge of Instruction meetings.


Bereshit – 205

Bereshit – No. 205 (Italy) Lodge Bereshit (No 205) is based in ??, Italy and was twinned with our Lodge
Logo Omonoia n°.236

Omonoia Lodge – 236

Omonoia Lodge – No 236 (Italy Lodge Omonoia (No 236) is based in ??, Italy and was twinned with our