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Our Meetings

We have four regular meetings each year. Two in the autumn and two in the new year. These are formal occasions and we are expected to wear formal attire.

These are held after each of our regular meetings. So there are four of these. 

These consist of a three course dinner at one of the nearby top London hotels.

Less formal than the regular meeting, it’s a chance to meet and socialise with other members/ Drink and be merry.

A great deal of effort goes into the smooth operation of every lodge meeting. Freemasons take great pride in getting every thing just so.

The LoI (Lodge of Instruction) is our practice run. Members get together twice before each meeting and rehearse their parts. 

Members are encouraged to visit other Lodges as this broadens us and helps bond of us as Freemasons.

Likewise we receive many visitors, some overseas, from our twinned lodges in Italy.

Semper Amicus Lodge is our sister lodge. Lodge number , with which we have a close bond.

Members are encourage to visit there meetings and to take part in there L.o.Is  as do in our L.o.Is

Other useful Info

At any formal occasion, such as our regular meetings, each member must wear a black suite, black tie, black shoes and socks. With a white shirt and white gloves.

There are variations on this but this is the standard dress at our formal meetings.

All Freemasons wear a symbolic apron, depending upon there rank.

Although we can’t go into too much detail here (you have to become a Freemason to find out more). these will be provided for you initially.

There are four Masonic Charities and a host of other charities that Lodges choose to support,which are not masonic.
The masonic charities are;


What does it all Cost

All members are required to pay an annual fee, which at this time is £290 per year, paid in February. 

The four 3 course dinners, we that have after each of our regular meetings, is included in this fee.

These are members that don’t take the dinning option. Which is a pity as festive board is so much part of who we are.

Members who take this membership option pay a reduced membership fee.

After the National Lottery, Freemasonry is one of the biggest contributors to charity.

At each meeting a collection is made for the charity supported by our lodge. Members give what every they can afford, there’s not set amount

The tradition in every lodge is to hold a raffle during the Festival board. The raffle is another way that the lodge can raise money for it’s selected charity.

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